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Fidelity Strategic Bond W Inc

Fidelity Strategic Bond W Inc



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IA Sterling Strategic Bond

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4 of 5



133.60 GBP

04 August 2021

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At a glance

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Discrete calendar year performance

Discrete calendar year performance
Investment 30/06/16 to 30/06/17 30/06/17 to 30/06/18 30/06/18 to 30/06/19 30/06/19 to 30/06/20 30/06/20 to 30/06/21
Fidelity Strategic Bond W Inc 3.12% -1.00% 6.59% 4.58% 5.44%
IA Sterling Strategic Bond 6.85% 0.33% 5.33% 3.79% 6.13%
N/A N/A% N/A% N/A% N/A% N/A%

Trailing returns


Trailing returns
Investment 3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years* 5 years*
Fidelity Strategic Bond W Inc 2.34% 1.33% 4.27% 5.88% 3.51%
IA Sterling Strategic Bond 1.81% 1.37% 5.20% 5.20% 4.13%
N/A N/A% N/A% N/A% N/A% N/A%

Fund Objective: The fund aims to deliver an income with the potential to increase the value of your investment. The fund will be at least 70% exposed to sterling denominated (or hedged back to sterling) global debt instruments e.g bonds, which could include government and corporate bonds in countries considered to be emerging markets as determined by the Investment Manager at its sole discretion. Hedging back to sterling aims to reduce the risk of exposure to other currencies. Emerging markets are countries progressing toward becoming advanced, usually shown by some development in financial markets, the existence of some form of stock exchange and a regulatory body. The remainder will be invested in other investment types such as cash and derivatives. Derivatives are investments whose value is linked to another investment, or to the performance of a stock exchange or to some other variable factor, such as interest rates and used to reduce risk or transaction costs and/or to generate extra income or further increase the value of your investment. The fund may also use derivatives with the aim of achieving the investment objective. The fund is actively managed without reference to a benchmark. The Investment Manager identifies suitable opportunities for the fund utilising in-house research and investment capabilities. The fund has full discretion in its choices of investments within its objectives and policies. Income from the fund is either paid out to you or it is used to buy you more shares in the fund. As the fund’s primary aim is to generate an income, some charges will be taken from the fund rather than the income generated by the fund. This means the amount payable as income may be increased and the potential to increase the value of your investment may be reduced. Shares can usually be bought and sold each business day of the fund. The return you will receive depends on the performance of the underlying assets.

Manager name Fidelity International (FIL Invt Svcs UK Ltd)
Manager start date 01 January 2019
Manager Biography Claudio joined Fidelity in 2006. He has been co-manager of the Fidelity Strategic Bond Fund since April 2017. His first role at Fidelity was as part of the quantitative research team, where his main responsibility was portfolio construction and trade idea generation in credit, rates, FX, structured credit and credit options. Claudio became an assistant portfolio manager in 2015, where he was attached primarily to total return and absolute return strategies. He was appointed to co-portfolio manager in 2016. Prior to joining Fidelity, he works as a structured finance analyst at Capitalia Banking Group, Rome. Claudio has an MSc Financial Mathematics from Kings College in London
Investment style: Strategic Investment
Region (geographical) Global
Benchmark N/A
Sector IA Sterling Strategic Bond
FE fundinfo Rating 4 of 5
Fees & charges

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges
Charge Who receives this? What is it? Amount
Initial charge: The fund manager Charges applied by the fund management company for investing in their fund. 0.00%
Ongoing Charges: The fund manager The annual charge paid to a fund manager to cover the costs of running the fund. It is an estimate based on the actual amount charged in the previous year. 0.66%
Performance Fee: The fund manager A performance fee joins up the interest of the fund manager and their investors. A performance fee is taken when the fund beats pre-set conditions. N/A
Typical transaction cost: The fund manager The costs of dealing within a fund, which the Investment Manager must pay to continue managing the assets. This includes where the Manager decides to sell one stock and buy another. The costs will vary from one fund to another based on how often the Investment Manager trades and the costs applied when trading. 0.188%*
Dealing commission: Halifax The cost of buying or selling some or all of your investment. £9.50 (per online trade)

Asset Allocation

Fund size: 1,059,757,858.91 £

Chart date: August 4, 2021

Top 10 Holdings

Top 10 Holdings
Security Weight
United kingdom of great britain 9.85%
(t) united states of america 8.81%
(btps) buoni poliennali del tes 2.90%
(jgb) japan 2.29%
(tii) united states of america 2.15%
(eu) european union 0% 07/04/31 rgs 1.94%
Ibrd world bank 1.81%
Kreditanstalt fur wiederaufbau kfw 0% mtn 15/06/26 eur1000 1.20%
Hsbc bank funding ster 5.84% vrn perpetu 1.12%
(enelim) enel spa 0.97%


Sectors Weight
High Yield Bond 30.89%
Government Bonds 23.86%
Investment Grade Bonds 14.62%
Investment Grade Bonds 12.66%
Investment Grade Government Bonds 6.88%
Investment Grade Bonds 3.31%
Others 3.00%
Asset/Mortgage-Backed Securities 2.79%
Index Linked 2.15%
Money Market 0.30%

World regions

World regions
Country Weight
UK 25.85%
USA 24.89%
Continental Europe 11.15%
Europe 6.61%
International 6.56%
France 5.43%
Germany 4.99%
Asia Pacific ex Japan 3.88%
Latin America 3.70%
Japan 2.29%

Important information

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