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83.00 p
0.40 (0.48%)

Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited (BCPT)

Balanced Commercial Property Trust Limited (BCPT)





Trading on:

London Stock Exchange

84.40 p
83.00 p
0.40 (0.48%)
Updated at: 22/07/2024 - 17:21
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At a glance

At a glance performance and information

Trading update:

Opening price:

83.60 p

Previous close:

83.80 p

Day High / Low:

84.30 p - 82.30 p

52 week High / Low:

84.00 p - 61.00 p




Market capitalisation (m):

£ 587,899,056.37

Total assets (m):


Published NAV:

109.76 p

Premium + / Discount – (%):


Gross gearing:



Last dividend:

GBX 0.44 (28/06/2024)

Dividend yield:


Next dividend:

GBX 0.44 (31/07/2024)

Ex-Dividend date:



Share Dealing Account Yes
Yes ShareBuilder

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Dividend overview

Last dividend:

GBX 0.44 (28/06/2024)

Dividend yield:


Next dividend:

GBX 0.44 (31/07/2024)

Ex-Dividend date:


Dividend data

Year End Amount Payment Date Ex-Div Date Record Date
31-Dec-2024 GBX 0.44 31-Jul-24 11-Jul-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 28-Jun-24 06-Jun-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 31-May-24 09-May-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 30-Apr-24 11-Apr-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 28-Mar-24 14-Mar-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 29-Feb-24 15-Feb-24 N/A
GBX 0.352 31-Jan-24 11-Jan-24 N/A
31-Dec-2023 GBX 0.352 29-Dec-23 15-Dec-23 N/A
GBX 0.352 30-Nov-23 09-Nov-23 N/A
GBX 0.44 31-Oct-23 12-Oct-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 29-Sep-23 14-Sep-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-Aug-23 10-Aug-23 N/A
GBX 0.4 31-Jul-23 13-Jul-23 N/A
GBX 0.4 30-Jun-23 15-Jun-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-May-23 11-May-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 28-Apr-23 13-Apr-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-Mar-23 16-Mar-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 28-Feb-23 09-Feb-23 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-Jan-23 19-Jan-23 N/A
31-Dec-2022 GBX 0.32 30-Dec-22 15-Dec-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 30-Nov-22 17-Nov-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-Oct-22 13-Oct-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 30-Sep-22 15-Sep-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-Aug-22 11-Aug-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 29-Jul-22 14-Jul-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 30-Jun-22 09-Jun-22 N/A
GBX 0.32 31-May-22 12-May-22 N/A
GBX 0.375 29-Apr-22 14-Apr-22 N/A
GBX 0.3 31-Mar-22 10-Mar-22 N/A
GBX 0.3 28-Feb-22 10-Feb-22 N/A
GBX 0.375 31-Jan-22 13-Jan-22 N/A
31-Dec-2021 GBX 0.375 31-Dec-21 09-Dec-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 30-Nov-21 11-Nov-21 N/A
GBX 0.28 29-Oct-21 14-Oct-21 N/A
GBX 0.28 30-Sep-21 09-Sep-21 N/A
GBX 0.28 31-Aug-21 12-Aug-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 30-Jul-21 15-Jul-21 N/A
GBX 0.28 30-Jun-21 10-Jun-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 28-May-21 13-May-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 30-Apr-21 15-Apr-21 N/A
GBX 0.28 31-Mar-21 11-Mar-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 31-Mar-21 11-Feb-21 N/A
GBX 0.35 29-Jan-21 14-Jan-21 N/A
31-Dec-2020 GBX 0.28 31-Dec-20 10-Dec-20 N/A
GBX 0.25 30-Nov-20 12-Nov-20 N/A
GBX 0.2 30-Oct-20 15-Oct-20 N/A
GBX 0.25 30-Sep-20 10-Sep-20 N/A
GBX 0.2 28-Aug-20 13-Aug-20 N/A
GBX 0.5 31-Mar-20 12-Mar-20 N/A
GBX 0.5 28-Feb-20 13-Feb-20 N/A
GBX 0.5 31-Jan-20 16-Jan-20 N/A
31-Dec-2019 GBX 0.4 31-Dec-19 12-Dec-19 N/A
GBX 0.5 29-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 N/A
GBX 0.5 31-Oct-19 10-Oct-19 N/A
GBX 0.5 30-Sep-19 12-Sep-19 N/A
GBX 0.5 30-Aug-19 08-Aug-19 N/A
Fees & charges

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges
Charge Who receives this? What is it? Amount
Ongoing Charges: The fund manager The annual charge paid to a fund manager to cover the costs of running the fund. It is an estimate based on the actual amount charged in the previous year. 0.85%
Typical transaction cost: The fund manager The costs of dealing within a fund, which the Investment Manager must pay to continue managing the assets. This includes where the Manager decides to sell one stock and buy another. The costs will vary from one fund to another based on how often the Investment Manager trades and the costs applied when trading. 0.188%*
Dealing commission: Halifax The cost of buying or selling some or all of your investment. £9.50 (per online trade)

FE fundinfo Rating:


Share type:


Dividend frequency:

No dividends

12 month dividend yield:


Ex-Dividend date:


* Foreign currency charges will apply when trading in international securities

Top 10 Holdings

Top 10 Holdings
Security Weight
London w1, st christopher’s place estate N/A
Solihull, sears retail park N/A
Newbury, newbury retail park N/A
London sw19, wimbledon broadway N/A
Winchester, burma road N/A
Chorley, unit 6 and 8 revolution park N/A
Birmingham, unit 8 hams hall distribution park N/A
Markham vale, orion one & two N/A
Liverpool, unit 1, g. park, portal way N/A
Daventry, site e4, daventry international rail freight terminal N/A


Sector Weight
Industrials 34.70%
Offices - Property 21.60%
Retail 19.10%
Warehouse - Property 13.50%
Alternative Assets 11.10%

World regions

World regions
Country Weight
London - West End 27.10%
Midlands 24.90%
South East 23.20%
North West 13.30%
Scotland 7.40%
South West 2.20%
Rest of London 1.90%

Important information

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